Our Privacy Policy

Last update: May 2018

Information we gather

The following information is gathered from our website visitors:
IP address
Anonymous information about how visiters use the site, so that we can make improvements.

Please note that we make use of partner services which also gather information about visitors. For more information please see the partner services section.


Like most sites we use cookies to provide a personalized experience and improve the site. These cookies will never contain any sensitive information.

How we use the information we gather

We use the information we collect as well as those that our partners collect on our behalf to track usage of the site, and improve the user experience.

We do not use cookies to serve personalized ads to users in the European Economic Area.

The people that are given access to this information

The information we collect will be accessable by the owners of the site, and any people or organizations in accordance with the privacy policies of our partners.

Our partner services

Our website makes use of Google, as a third party vendor, to serve advertisements and track site usage. Please refer to the Google Partner Privacy Policy for information about the data Google collects and how they use it.
Our website makes use of share features provided by Facebook. Please refer the Facebook privacy policy for information about the data Facebook collects and how they use it.